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Enameled penny pendant necklace [made to order]

Enameled penny pendant necklace [made to order]

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A thoughtful and unique gift, aside from a great conversation starter. 

This penny necklace is versatile and fun and can be given as a gift to teachers, a copper anniversary present, a lucky talisman, or a sweet reminder.

Handmade with an American penny, the date is still visible on the back, while the front is enameled in your choice of color.

The chain length is adjustable from 16" to 18", and you can choose between silver, copper or sterling chain.

You can even customize the date (between 1940 and 1982) for an additional $5.

This penny jewelry is also a great copper anniversary gift. Many people buy it as a "pennies from heaven" gift to remember a loved one. 

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