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Birthstone Pea pod earrings with Crystals [made to order]

Birthstone Pea pod earrings with Crystals [made to order]

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Birthstone peas in a pod jewelry is great to celebrate the special people in your life even deeper by representing the month they were each born. Whether your best friends, siblings, kids, family, twins, sisters, or grand kids - These birthstone peas in a pod earrings are a beautiful representation of the unique bond that connects you all.

The earring hooks are handmade and sterling silver.

**Please submit birthstone months in "

The earrings measure:

One pea- 1.25"
Two peas- 1.5"
Three peas- 1.75"
Four peas- 2"

Select the birthstone crystals that correspond to the birth months of the recipient. 

Some months traditionally have more than one option, so here is a list of the ones I use.

- January Birthstone- Garnet
- February Birthstone- Amethyst
- March Birthstone- Aquamarine
- April Birthstone- Diamond
- May Birthstone- Emerald
- June Birthstone- Alexandrite
- July Birthstone- Ruby
- August Birthstone- Peridot
- September Birthstone- Sapphire
- October Birthstone- Tourmaline
- November Birthstone- Topaz
- December Birthstone- Zircon

See the birthstone colors image to preview the colors used.

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