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Batik Beach Pendant A [ready to ship]

Batik Beach Pendant A [ready to ship]

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One of a kind beach pendant necklace made with layered enamel on copper.

This is a special collection of beach pendants made with enamel, inspired by my 10th anniversary trip to Puerto Rico. While staring at the gorgeous beach under my balcony, it occurred to me I could recreate the foaming waters with the same technique I use for my Batik collections. This is my first ever attempt at getting this vision created, and I am so happy with the results. This first collection only includes 4 necklaces, and each is unique in it's own way, much like a series of snapshots of the same beach view. 

Finished with 16-18" silver, copper, or sterling silver chain.

Pendant measures 1.25".Check out the other pendants too!

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