Wait, What's Rising Jewelry? What Happened to Lucky Accessories?

Hey there! No doubt, you've noticed a recent changes around here – Lucky Accessories is now Rising Jewelry! If you are curious about this transformation and what it means for you. I'm here to answer all your questions about our rebranding process and the new direction we're taking!

  1. Why the Rebrand?
    As a person and an artist, I've been on a journey of self-discovery & growth, as many of us are. Lucky Accessories as a brand, served me well, but I have been wanting to get away from the name for a long time. I originally named my business after my cat, which feels terribly uncreative, and I am at times mistakenly confused with Lucky Brand. I addition, when I started I made many products alongside jewelry, hence the "accessories", but have since narrowed it down to only jewelry designs. I took the business to the back burner when my youngest was an infant, and have craved a rebrand ever since coming back to full time. Enter Rising Jewelry!
  1. What's Different? 
    Other than the name and the update not a whole heck of a lot, other than
    as Rising Jewelry, I'm being even more intentional to our core values of sustainability, individuality, story, and self-expression. I love creating pieces that resonate with your unique story, empowering you to shine. Our minimalist designs showcase simplicity with a purposeful touch, leaving a lasting impact on your journey.

  2. Sustainability Matters:
    Sustainability is at the heart of Rising Jewelry. We take pride in repurposing materials, to create pieces that are both beautiful and responsible. and using eco-friendly materials in our packaging and studio habits & materials. By wearing our jewelry, you join a movement that cares for the world we share, and the people in it.

  3. Individuality & Story:
    This is a big part of the wording behind "Rising." We all have our unique paths in live that in time help us define who we are and what we want out of life. We learn what we don't want from the negative experiences, and we learn what we want more of from the good ones. I have learned to never be shy about sharing my paths, the good and the bad, as it helps others feel less alone & seen on their journeys. I love nothing more than to learn of people's unique stories, and how it shaped them. I have never understood how society seem to push people into aiming for paths that look a lot like other people's stories. It's the things that make us different that make us more unique and interesting, and the world a little more colorful and less boring. I love it so much when you connect with a piece of my jewelry in a way that highlights your story or unique personality. I always hope you find a piece that connects to your story, that you then wear as a badge of honor. 

  4. Self-Expression:
    Rising Jewelry offers customization options, or many versions of the same concept, so that you can make a piece uniquely yours, or fine the one combination that reflects you best. Let your personality shine through, and wear jewelry that tells your story.

  5. What to Expect:
    With this rebrand, I have redefined why I do what I do, and what I hope my jewelry will do for you. Our pieces are handcrafted with love, reflecting our passion for creativity and individuality, so that you can express yours by wearing the pieces that make you shine. 

So, there you have it – an inside peek on our recent transformation from Lucky Accessories to Rising Jewelry. This particular story of growth has led us to this fresh new chapter, and I'm so relieved to finally share it with you. Embrace the change, embrace Rising Jewelry, and let us be part of your beautiful story. If you have any additional questions, send them my way! Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

xoxo, Kiona

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