October roundup

Hi friend!

This here is the first of what will be monthly updates from in and around the studio, and life surrounding it. 

These posts will have specific sections so that it's easy to scan through or skip sections to get to the ones you are interested in.

I personally very much enjoy behind the scenes, and following updated of people and companies I follow and care about, so this here is my way to share mine, while at the same time sharing some of the fantastic resources I run across ALL THE TIME. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think!

Also, I am not married to the term "roundup" for these end-of-the-month posts. So if you have any suggestions on for different names, let me know.

General Update



Much like many of you, the way I work these days looks drastically different from what I had imagined at the very beginning of this year. 

After the start of the pandemic I moved my studio back into our home after having moved it out only half a year before. As soon as I did though, I realized I actually LOVE having my studio home again. Sometimes you simply have to leave something only to realize you desperately want it back. 

Mid summer I signed up my youngest, a rising first grader, up for a year of virtual school, and at the same time I set a routine in place for us both that ensured a healthy balance of studio time and family time. I did this during summer break, knowing that by the time virtual school started we would have a solid routine established, and running a full time business was possible with a virtual 1st grader at home. The combination of this and the fact that he's a ridiculous self sufficient rock star when it comes to virtual learning (and he actually prefers it to in person school) has been a life saver. I am stupid grateful for the fact that I get to access my creative brain (aka "happy place") on the regular in the mid of this crazy world we live in these days. 

Sure sometimes it's really hard to stitch a thought together, or get anything done when you are interrupted with questions and random "interesting facts" every 5 and a half seconds (like when I am trying to write this post) but I still feel like I am winning in big ways.

As a side note- my oldest is a senior in high school this year, and has equal rock star status for his virtual learning, but I suppose it seems more natural at that age. 


So, that's what life looks like in and around these studio walls. I am 100% counting my blessings and my privilege for being set up to work and possibly even thrive in today's climate. 

Now let's get into the it! 

Shop updates this month

Well, really let's just catch up in the full, and talk about all the delicious new goods I have been producing since this summer, just this one time.  

Tri Summer

I had THE BEST time creating this collection. It was the first time in YEARS creating a full, new collection from conception to completion. I am still equally as obsessed with some of the new styles that came out of this, as I was at the time. I plan to explore these styles many times over with different textures and colors of the Formika used in it. Some examples, click here for the whole collection


tri summe necklaces



Big bunting necklace



Last Days of Summer

This update included a few new styles: I brought back an old, popular style and explored it further:
Fields of Poppies 

I FINALLY made Penny post earrings, a long goal of mine

Penny post earrings

And finally, these new freestyle enameled Bitty posts that I love and I basically never take off (I stole a teal pair for myself) 

And last, but not least! I just updated the shop with a small batch of enameled Feather necklaces in inspired fall colors, because YUMEnameled feather jewelry necklaces

Did you know you can create a wishlist in the shop now? Just log in and go on a wishlist spree. Then send your wishlist to those in your life that need a few hints.

Review of the month

It wouldn't be a pandemic without a masked product review!  Thanks Stacy- this made me laugh and you look adorable, safe and stylin' all at the same time!

Find more Fields of Poppies jewelry see here

Post your own review on jewelry you bought by finding the piece(s) in the shop and scrolling down to "write review"

New Shops

I'm working on order from Gainan's Flowers in MT. The jewelry will be in store mid November.

Peek in the Studio

Kiona Elliott in studio

Little peek into my happy place. Can you blame me for wanting to spend every waking moment in here??

What's happening next month

I will start doing Facebook live shopping events once a month! The first one will be either Fri Nov 6 at 5pm, Thurs Nov 12 at 7pm or Fri Nov 13 at 5pm. I Would LOVE your vote on best time in this poll, and you can submit your email if you want to be updated with announcements.

I started sending Friday update emails, a tiny happy version of this post, every friday. Sign up here if interested

Have some other exciting big things in the works, that I'm not ready to share yet, because it's in the early phases of implementing, just know that in some ways, after the beginning of the year, things may look and sound a little differently around here!

Small Biz highlight:

I love everything Lysandra makes at geek chic fashion, but her mask game has been especially on point these covid times. Here are her Website and Instagram. She's a hard working work at home mama who is making it work despite it all.

Favorite Things

  1. Book: Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Every. Woman. Needs to read this book. 
  2. Podcast: Being Boss
  3. Recipe: Fish Florentine by Skinny Taste. I made this again this week and it's a super quick, super decadent, super delicious meal.
  4. Tea: OMG ALL OF THEM, but especially with honey and milk these days.
  5. Show: The Vow on HBO
  6. Guilty pleasure: Tiktok, for those rare moments that I have the luxury to shut off my brain and receive lots of ridiculousness. 

Quote of the month


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xoxo- Kiona

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