November Roundup

Shop updates this month

The earrings you all can't get enough of: Whimsy Drops, are back for only as long as they last. These disappear fast every time I make a batch!

:Love wins: necklaces are back

The Fall and Winter seasonal enamel color pennies have finally made it to the website.

Also don't forget, you can now create your own wishlist in the shop! Just log and add hit the "add to wishlist" button on all your favorite pieces. Then send your wishlist to those in your life that need a few hints. (And don't forget to also send them to code for this weekend!)

Review of the month:

This is not as much as a review as it is an adorable customer story I want to share.

Last Friday a dad bought these birthstone pea pod earrings for his wife who was due to have their second kiddo soon. Apparently their baby was born the very next day, two weeks early!

I know this because on Monday the grandma asked me to send the earrings ASAP, and then bought the necklace to match it. When I got excited about the news and wished mama and baby well, she even sent me a picture of the new family! 

These kinds of things make me so, so happy! Different stories like this often come to me around my pea pod jewelry, and it just never gets old! I love that my jewelry becomes a part of your story. It’s why I do what I do ❤️ 

New Shop:

Also, I am so happy to share that I have a new store that sells my jewelry in town! Bayleaf Market on Six Forks is a brand new shopping destination for local gift buying! 

Bayleaf Market
11723 Six forks road.
Raleigh, NC 27614
monday-friday: 9am to 5pm
saturday: 9am to 4pm

Peek in the Studio:

The Growth collection nearing completion!

What's happening next month:

I am getting really close to posting the brand new "Growth" line of etched copper and sterling silver to the website (I am CRAZY proud of this one)

Also I have picked up from fancy swarovski crystal drops for a few sparkly holiday Whimsy drops.

Small Biz highlight:

Jeddah's Tea is a tea shop and maker in Durham NC that I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with. Their teas, concentrates, and blends are amazing. You can pick up locally, or have them shipped. You will make a tea connoisseur SO happy with a gift from Jeddah's. Visit their Website and Instagram

Favorite things:

  1. Recipe: Sheet Pan Salmon With Potatoes and Broccolini - Sheet pants are a must in this house, and this is one of our very favorites.
  2. Podcast: Unlocking us by Brene Brown
  3. Tarot: I recently bought the Wild Unknown tarot cards and book set, and I LOVE them so.
  4. Cat toy: If you have a cat, the "Cat Dancer" toy may be the best $2.49 you will have ever spent. Our cat doesn't really play with car toys, but he's OBSESSED with this one. A great kitty stocking stuffer!
  5. Golden Milk: the Golden Milk Base from Jeddah's (see above) in some warm milk with honey is like a big loving hug in a cup. It's unreal.

Quote of the month

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