Let's do this

Without getting into the whys and hows of me starting a blog to go along with my website, I am just going to go with my gut and dive right in. 

These are the things I am currently obsessed with, so I imagine they are going to pop up again in future posts:

- Tea. I have always loved tea, owned lots of teas, and spent most of my life being upset at myself for not having tea as a part of my daily routine.
Until about 2 weeks ago. Overnight, I have become OBSESSED with tea, can't stop drinking and researching it, and apparently I already took two more people along on this journey. Does that make me an #influencer?

My favorites at the moment are Tin Roof Teas Tiger Eye Chai and Churchill's Hot Cincinatti Spice Rooibos and Butterscotch and Almond Pu-Ehr

- Air Fryer. Two years + ago I folded and finally got an Instant pot. As soon as I got one I started hearing about an Air Fryer but easily dismissed the thought that I needed one of those too.
Much like the tea- suddenly, recently, I couldn't bare the thought of not owning one RIGHT THIS SECOND (Is this what midlife crisis looks like?). Thankfully I was able to wait one more day for Amazon to deliver one to me, and by the time it arrived I was positively giddy. Now (4 days later) I don't understand how I ever lived without one.
I will say- I think they made a mistake calling it an air "fryer." The name is probably why I dismissed owning one for so long, as I had no desire to "healthy fry" any foods. I simply don't have a need for fried food, healthy or not. What I didn't realize was that it's really an "Instant Countertop Tiny Convection Oven." It basically replaces many jobs my giant oven performs, without the 20 minutes preheat, or the giant baking dishes, while also cooking everything MUCH faster and therefor much less dried-out.
My favorite thing I have cooked in it so far, was also the first thing I cooked: Skinny Taste Perfect Air Fryer Chicken Breast.


- Being in my 40s. It took me a second to get into this age/decade. It was the first milestone age that I wasn't super excited about. This was a big change for me- because my whole life I surrounded myself by friends older than me, and so I looked up to aging. I was always thrilled about aging and not being so "young" anymore. Now I am surrounded by a bigger variety of ages, including my MUCH younger husband (3 whole months- WHEW!), and really freaking badass younger friends, mixed in with my wise older friends. In addition, actual age seemed to spring up in my body and on my face for the first time, seemingly overnight, and it shook me a little. 
Now that I got over that shock, embraced the "qualities" age bring, I absolutely LOVE being in my 40s. There is a new confidence and a "just not giving a shit" feeling that has come with this decade that I have always seen and admired in others, and now I am fully growing to embody. It's the best.

As you can tell, none of these topics are even distantly related to jewelry, so why am I doing this? I don't know, ask my gut. She's been nagging me for months- possibly years, to go ahead and start this, and honestly I am tired of fighting her. 

Where will this go?- I have no idea, but I welcome you along on the journey.

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You finally did it! Good! I look forward to your thoughts on all the things.


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